Infineum creates a positive reaction at Student Career Fair in Reading (UK)

STEM - 19 10 月 2023

At our first participation at the Career Fair held at UTC Reading, a team from Infineum UK showcased our commitment to inspiring young people to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by engaging with an audience of over 200 enthusiastic students from year 10 to year 13.

The Infineum team attracted a lot of interest from the students excited to learn more about the company, the various roles within it, and the details of their day-to-day work. Students were particularly interested in the future of the automotive industry, posing questions about the transition away from the internal combustion engine.

The team used scaled-down engine models to explain the fundamental principles of engine operation and the importance of our specialty chemicals in protecting them. Additionally, students had the opportunity to inspect real engine parts including a damaged piston from a field trial, illustrating the consequences of inadequate engine oil design. This practical demonstration resonated with the aspiring engineers, offering an example of the real-world challenges that engineers face.

Students also engaged with our fun and informative sustainability quiz. By answering questions correctly, students had the chance to win Infineum merchandise. This activity was aimed at informing and educating the next generation on the importance of sustainability in the automotive industry and within Infineum’s product development and manufacturing processes.

“We were thrilled to be a part of the UTC Reading Career Fair,” said our chemist, Emily Mason. “It felt rewarding as we were able to inspire the students to consider a STEM career by sharing our experiences of university and working for Infineum!”

The event provided a valuable platform for Infineum to connect with the engineers of the future, share its passion for innovation and sustainability, and demonstrate the pivotal role that specialty chemicals play in shaping the automotive industry of tomorrow.

Our team used their ‘volunteer day’ to participate in this STEM event. The volunteer day is a benefit that Infineum offers to every employee globally and consists of an extra day of annual leave that can be used to support their community. It is part of our Sustainability approach and helps us deliver on the UN sustainability goal 3 (Supporting people and communities).

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