Infineum innovative product wins ‘Made in Singapore’ Business Award

Sustainable Transportation - 23 11 月 2022

Infineum’s lubricant additive Infineum P5500 has been recognised for its unique capabilities and its vital contributions to sustainability goals winning the Made in Singapore Awards in the Chemicals category.

Currently, in its sixth year, the ‘Made in Singapore & Designed in Singapore’ awards programme is organised by the Singapore Business Review publication.  The programme honours exceptional products, that are either manufactured or designed in Singapore.

As stated in the motivation for the award, with innovative chemistry, Infineum is helping to create a cleaner and more sustainable future not only through less waste, improved efficiency, longer life, lower carbon footprint and less emissions, but also by enabling the use of cleaner fuels, greener base oils and new advanced vehicle engineering.

Infineum’s Sustainability Director, Maurizio Abbondanza said: “We are very proud to receive this award as it’s a recognition of our efforts to make our industry more sustainable. The phasing out of internal combustion engines is a necessary part of a zero emissions future and hybrids are seen as a long bridge on the way to full electrification. It’s with our sustainability approach in mind that we have designed a product that will help our customers on their journey towards the electrification of mobility.

he challenges of climate change and rising air pollution have prompted the world’s governing bodies to commit to the reduction of greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions. With the growing desire to create a healthier and more liveable planet for future generations, sustainability measures are starting to drive change in many organisations.

So, in 2020, Infineum designed and started manufacturing Infineum P5500 to address the automotive industry’s need of innovative chemistries that could help make the internal combustion engine as clean, efficient, and long lasting as possible.

John Hong (pictured below), Asia Pacific Sales Director and Country Manager, Singapore, said: “Infineum P5500 is the very first product which had been designed specifically to meet the Asia Pacific region’s unique requirements for automotive lubricants.

“Being fit for purpose as well as supply chain efficiency and cost-competitiveness are key considerations in this important growth market, on top of our global customers’ call for innovative solutions to meet their sustainability emissions reduction commitments.

“We are very encouraged by the initial take-up rate of this product since its launch and will continue to push up its adoption rate.”

Infineum P5500 can be formulated to low viscosities to improve vehicle fuel economy while still delivering superior performance and protecting the engine and other components from wear and corrosion. This allows vehicles to create less pollution, use less fuel, cost less to run and stay reliable on the road for longer.

In addition, customers can further reduce their environmental impact by using the product in formulations with lower carbon footprint biodegradable and re-refined base oils.

Chia Boon Ping, Strategic Marketing Director, said: “This award-winning product is the perfect combination of our leadership in transportation additives technology, listening to our customers and our vision for more sustainable chemistry. We are very proud of our Commercial, Technology and Supply team who have worked very hard to bring this product to market. The award is testament to their work.”

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