Infineum stands out at student career fair

STEM - 1 3 月 2023

In line with our sustainability goal of inspiring young people into a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) a team from Milton Hill represented Infineum at a local student career fair.

Technologists Sarah Canning and Rachel Januszewski, and chemists Michaela Sommerova and Catherine Upfold went to the King Alfred Academy career fair in the neighbouring town of Wantage, to meet students, show them what Infineum does and offer advice on a career in chemistry or engineering.

Over a thousand pupils from King’s Alfred Academy secondary school across years 9-13 (aged between 14 and 17) attended the fair. They all had the opportunity to meet dozens of exhibitors ranging from private multinational companies (like Infineum) to public sector and adult education organisations.

The team from Infineum made the stand very interactive to stimulate students into thinking about chemistry and how additives work in engines. A plastic model of a Porsche 911 engine was used to explain the combustion cycle of a four-stroke engine. An actual camshaft was on hand to demonstrate its function of pushing valves up and down in an engine to let the air-fuel mixture in and out of the cylinder. Two jam jars, one with water and one with colourless dish soap showed the differences in flowability (viscosity) of the liquids. Moreover, our team engaged pupils with a quiz on sustainability, where they could learn more about gases polluting the atmosphere and what Infineum is doing to reduce emissions, with a chance of winning some of our gadgets (usb cables, safety bands, gummy bears etc).

As a result of all the activities tirelessly run by our team thorough the day, Infineum was among the most popular exhibitors, always attended by a crowd of students willing to speak to our team and do the quiz.

Sarah said: “We had a hectic but enjoyable day talking to students at all stages of their education – from those just starting to think about GCSE options, up to those studying for their A levels. With many students taking a great deal of interest in learning about what we do at Infineum and what careers in STEM can look like.”

“It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm from some of the students and to be able to share our experiences of working in STEM with the next generation.” continued Catherine.

“I had a great time interacting with the students and I was fascinated to see how they were interested in learning about sustainability and how engines work.” said Rachel.

“It was a rewarding experience, and I would encourage everyone to get involved in these opportunities.” concluded Michaela.

Sarah, Rachel, Michaela and Catherine used their ‘volunteer day’ to participate in this STEM event. The volunteer day is a benefit that Infineum offers to every employee globally and consists of an extra day of annual leave that can be used to support their community. It is part of our Sustainability approach and helps us deliver on the UN sustainability goal 3 (Supporting people and communities).

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