Italian Team inspires youth Scouts into gender equity

STEM - 26 6 月 2023

In line with our sustainability approach, and in particular, our mission to address gender biases and inspire more women into a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), Liuba Bettaglio, Italy-based Business Transformation Director, recently gave a talk to a youth scout group about women empowerment and gender equity.

Liuba was joined by Mauro Tassistro, Program Advisor, who has been involved in the education of youth scouts for the past 25 years, often guiding scouts through the final phase of their scout experience, which ends when they are in their early twenties.

The event took place at the Monastery of San Giacomo in Latronio in Italy, with scouts from the Savona region joining together in the beautiful outdoors to celebrate the end of the youth scouts scouting journey.

Liuba spoke alongside key members of the community, all of whom shared their stories. She discussed her civil commitment to female empowerment and gender equity. She also shared stories and reflections from her experience as DEI and Women Affinity Group leader at Infineum and as a founder and leader of the regional branch of, an international non-profit organization that offers women inspiration and support to help them achieve their goals.

Liuba went on to talk about how unconscious biases affect the way we interact with each other and gave the youth scouts tangible examples of the power of making others feel listened to, understood, and supported. She also explained how education and culture are affecting the way we perceive possible gender limits or gender expectations and the importance of growing awareness about our own internal biases to challenge and break self-imposed limitations or overcome imposter syndrome.

The group expressed genuine interest in the topic and asked Liuba many questions, sharing their views and examples of allyship.

The event ended with a group photo (pictured above) in the middle of olive trees overlooking the sea and with the promise to meet again.

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