Revitalising our Earth with beach clean-up

Volunteering - 1 9 月 2023

Infineum’s unwavering commitment to both local communities and the environment shines through in our recent beach clean-up at Pasir Ris Park. Our team in Singapore recently had a fulfilling morning litter picking to restore the beauty of the beach.

Inspired by “Clear Shores, Clean Waters for Singapore” campaign that was organised by the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) in 2019, Infineum Singapore has taken the initiative to set up its own beach clean-up since 2022 as a commitment to environmental protection. This year, a total of 51 colleagues from Plant and Business Technology Centre Singapore joined hands to make this ongoing sustainability initiative an impactful one.

Despite the hot and dry weather, our colleagues spent an hour on the beach that stretches over 1.5km to pick up trash. Equipped with tongs for safety purposes, seventy-two kilograms of trash, including both general and recyclable (plastic) trash, had been collected. This achievement surpassed last year’s record by an additional 15 kilogrammes which was a result of everyone’s hard work and effort!

“I’m glad to be part of this meaningful activity and contribute a small effort to protect the environment. We may not see the full impact while we are picking up tiny trash, for example, a plastic straw or a bottle cap. However, each of these things adds up. It is so great to see a cleaner beach and it gives us a sense of satisfaction.” said Jia Ying, plant contact engineer who just joined Infineum in June this year.

The Singapore Team used their “volunteering day” to run the beach clean up. The volunteering day is a benefit offered to every Infineum employee globally and consists of an extra day of annual leave that can be used to support their community. It is part of our Sustainability approach and helps us deliver on the UN sustainability goal 3 in supporting people and communities. 

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