Safety and spinning tops have something in common

Safety - 13 6 月 2022

Forums were set up at our site in Cologne, Germany for staff and contractors to discuss and reinforce the importance of safety at Infineum. The metaphor of a spinning top was used throughout as a reminder that things can unexpectedly turn ‘upside down’ and therefore, we must all always stay vigilant.

An external psychologist was invited to lead the discussion, giving a new spin on safety. He shared useful information about how our bodies and minds work, relating this back to safety at Infineum throughout.

Participating contractors said: “The session was really valuable, well executed, informative, and beneficial use of my time. Right from the start the host kept the audience engaged.”

Attendees also received a spinning top as a distinct and physical prompt to stay alert (pictured below). They added: “The spinning top we all received at the end has a very special meaning to me. I have got a lot out of this session and will incorporate it into my everyday work.”

Martin Halama, Plant Manager and Organiser of the sessions concludes, “We were really happy with the high levels of engagement from colleagues and contractors on site. It’s important that we are always striving to learn more about safety to ensure that Nobody Gets Hurt working for Infineum. The spinning top was also a great reminder of how we can’t ever be complacent when it comes to safety – an important message for us all.”

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