UK Team dedicate volunteering time to a cause close to their heart

Volunteering - 4 6 月 2022

The procurement team in Milton Hill (UK) used their volunteering day to help at Sobell House hospice, to do gardening and a general tidy up of the outside space around the hospice.

They decided to use their volunteering day in this way to support Claire Tooke, Global Sourcing Leader, who said: “I have a personal connection with Sobell House, a local charity to Oxfordshire, as they offered invaluable support to my family at a very difficult time; providing palliative care to my dad who passed away in September.

“The volunteering day provided a great opportunity to recognise the amazing work of Sobell House and to give back in a small way. Sometimes it’s not just about donating money. By dedicating time and energy, I really feel we made a difference. Combine this with the opportunity to get to know colleagues outside of the usual work environment, made it a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. Thanks to the team for choosing to help this charity.”

The team decided back in February to use their volunteer day in this way to support Claire, and to spend time together outside of work for the first time in two years.

“It was so simple to organise,” said Sarah Angel-Turner, Category Leader, who reached out to Sobell House back in March and booked the day for June. “It was a really fulfilling day. We all worked hard in the sun and rain to get the gardens looking back under control, and we had a good laugh along the way!”

Roby Chiesura, Global Procurement Manager, said: “Not only do you feel good, knowing you have made a difference, it’s also a great team building opportunity. We worked hard and supported each other through a range of British weather conditions!”

The Infineum team used their “volunteering day” to help Sobell House. The volunteering day is a benefit that Infineum offers to every employee globally that consists of an extra day of annual leave that can be used to support their community. It is part of our Sustainability approach and helps us deliver on the UN sustainability goal 3 in supporting people and communities.

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