Our Ambitions and Performance

Priority areaGoal2025 AmbitionSDG
Sustainable operationsReduce our impact on climate and resources in our operations20% reduction in GHG emissions (scope 1 and 2) per metric tonne of product compared to 2018
Sustainable supply chainAccelerate environmental and social improvements in the value chainOver 80% of relevant spend covered by sustainability assessments<img src="" alt=""><img src="" alt=""><img src="" alt="">
Sustainable solutionsIntegrate sustainability design into product developmentEvaluate 100% of product developments with sustainability criteria<img src="" alt=""><img src="" alt=""><img src="" alt="">
SafetyZero harm to our people and the environmentTRIR + PSE + NER* =0<img src="" alt=""><img src="" alt="">
Colleague engagementBe an excellent employerAchieve an employee engagement score of over 75%<img src="" alt=""><img src="" alt=""><img src="" alt="">
Community engagementDeliver a positive impact in the community where we operateMore than 25% of employees participating in voluntary community initiatives<img src="" alt=""><img src="" alt="">

* Total Recordable Incident Rate + Process Safety Event (as per API RP 754) + Notifiable Environmental Release

2022 Performance and Highlights

14% reduction in scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions since 2018

We defined our net zero ambition and decarbonisation roadmaps

Sustainability assessments were carried out on 58% of relevant supplier spend

Sustainability evaluation carried out on our full product portfolio

16% of colleagues participated in voluntary community activities