Celebrating 9,000 Days of Safety Excellence in Japan

Safety - 22 9 月 2023

Infineum’s team in Japan has achieved an incredible milestone of 9,000 days with zero incidents, an accomplishment that demonstrates our persistent commitment to safety.

This fantastic safety record spans two sites in Japan, our Japan Sales Office located in the centre of Tokyo, and our Japan Technology Centre (JTC) in the west of Tokyo where technologists and lab technicians are based. The journey towards 9,000 incident-free days – which is approximately 24 years and six months – was not without its challenges, including a momentous test of resilience during the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

On that historic Friday afternoon Tokyo experienced a significant earthquake that sent tremors throughout the city. The Infineum sites were not exempt from the quake’s effects, as the buildings shook vigorously for an extended period. The earthquake, originating from the far northern reaches of Japan, was a daunting experience for those in Tokyo. However, our team responded with exemplary composure: everyone followed safety protocols, taking refuge under their desks until the shaking subsided, and subsequently evacuated to a predefined safe area wearing helmets and carrying emergency kits.

Yukio Ueda, Industry Liaison Manager, praised the collective effort: “Achieving 9,000 days without an incident is a testament to our fifty colleagues and contractors working at our two sites and those people who have worked or visited us since 1999! This is not just the achievement of Infineum Japan but all Infineum, so congratulations to everyone!”

To commemorate this milestone, colleagues gathered at one of Japan’s iconic historic venues, Meiji-kinenkann, just 20 minutes from our Tokyo Sales Office. The celebration began with a festive lunch, followed by a Disaster Prevention quiz organized by our local Health, Safety, Security, and Environment Committee (HSSEC) members. The quiz served as a valuable reminder of the risks posed by natural disasters in Japan, such as earthquakes, typhoons, and floods, and highlighted the importance of preparedness and vigilance.

Enrico Bertossi, Infineum’s Global Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) Director said: “At Infineum, safety has always been at the forefront of our operations. We take immense pride in our commitment to safeguarding our colleagues and partners. This remarkable achievement in Japan underscores our unwavering dedication to safety and serves as a shining example for our entire organization. Congratulations to our team in Japan! Here’s to reaching 10,000 safe days!”

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