Infineum aligns with global leaders on boosting sustainability ahead of COP28

Sustainability - 1 12 月 2023

At a pivotal moment for global sustainability, Maurizio Abbondanza, Director of Sustainability at Infineum (pictured below), took part at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development‘s (WBCSD) meeting preceding COP28 in Dubai. The meeting outlined an ambitious Action Agenda for business that combines solutions and accountability to drive credible action.

In a world witnessing a surge in extreme weather events and exceeding critical planetary boundaries, transformative change is needed. The WBCSD, with over 220 leading businesses representing $5 trillion in combined revenue, brought together more than 40 CEOs and 300 senior representatives from 140 global businesses to set an ambitious agenda for COP28.

Maurizio said: “With sustainability being a top priority for Infineum, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to discuss climate change with global business leaders ahead of COP28. Being aligned empowers us to take bold steps towards decarbonisation. We welcome the WBCSD’s initiative of strengthening the Climate-related Corporate Performance and Accountability System (CPAS) aiming to bridge the gap between financial systems and transformative business innovation.”

In line with WBCSD’s call to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030, Infineum is continuing to focus on our aim to achieve our net zero ambition by 2050 through collaboration with our value chain, to contribute to the global goal of limiting temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our operational boundaries as we seek to influence the chemical additives industry towards sustainability, emphasising collaboration and circular economy models.

Maurizio concluded: “As we navigate the challenges presented by climate change, our focus is not just on mitigating our environmental impact but actively shaping a more sustainable future. Our industry has a pivotal role in the global transition to lower carbon solutions and we are determined to help drive meaningful actions within the chemical additives sector, fostering collaboration and embracing circular economy principles. By integrating sustainability into our products and operations, we aim not only to meet our net-zero ambitions but to set a new standard for excellence in sustainable chemistry. We agree with the WBCSD that now it’s time to deliver the positive impact the world needs.

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