Infineum stood out at China's most influential e-powertrain technology event

Energy Applications - 23 8 月 2023

As a global leader in advanced additives and lubricant solutions, we showcased our expertise and commitment to electrified vehicles’ e-fluids at the 15th Transmission Symposium in China (TMC). With a robust brand presence and insightful presentations, we reinforced our position as a key player in the rapidly evolving e-mobility sector.

Johnny Huang (pictured above), our Driveline Technologist from Infineum China, took the stage to present Infineum’s cutting-edge perspective on e-fluid formulation and the challenges faced in electrified commercial vehicles. His presentation prompted meaningful discussions highlighting Infineum’s leadership in the driveline market and dedication to fostering advancements in e-Powertrain technologies.

The event was an opportunity for the local Driveline team and sales representatives to connect with prominent transmission OEMs and oil companies at the Infineum booth and gain a deeper understanding of the industry’s ever-changing demands.

Maurizio Abbondanza, Infineum’s Director of Sustainability and Business Growth, highlighting the importance of China’s e-mobility sector and the company’s commitment to meeting its challenges, said: “We recognise that China is moving at an unprecedented pace in the e-mobility sector. For this reason, we have invested in developing a very capable and energetic driveline team in Shanghai.

“By demonstrating our commitment to keeping up with this rapidly evolving market, we are staying true to the pillars of our strategy, which emphasises the importance of staying ahead of the curve and continuously innovating to meet the needs of our customers.

“Moreover, our presence at China’s most influential e-Powertrain technology event underscores our dedication to sustainability, innovation, and excellence in the global automotive industry. By leading the way in e-fluid formulation and technological advancements, Infineum is powering the future of mobility with more efficient and sustainable solutions.”

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