Reshaping around Sustainable Transportation and Energy Applications

Sustainable Transportation - 12 1 月 2024

Our vision is to become a sustainable world-class specialty chemicals company.

To help us achieve this, from the beginning of 2024, we have reshaped our organisation into two strategic business units.

The first, Sustainable Transportation is led by EVP Chris Locke and will support personal mobility and commercial engines.  The focus is on enabling the energy transition by reducing the carbon impact of the internal combustion engine and through the development of alternative fuels.

The second, Energy Applications is led by EVP Bruce Royan and will drive the organisation’s strategic intent to grow existing and new business, including carbon resilient segments and other business segments new to the company, maximising the value of Infineum’s unique technology and technology applications.

Our strategic business units are supported by our leading technology and operational excellence and by our customer centric approach, working with, and truly listening to, our customers, driving us towards our purpose to create a sustainable future through innovative chemistry.

Start to create a sustainable future through innovative chemistry