Thumbs up for Infineum’s sustainability credentials

Sustainability - 8 4 月 2021

All of Infineum’s global manufacturing sites now have ISO14001 certification after five more were awarded the sought-after standard for their environmental management systems.

This significant milestone reassures customers and society that we have world-class environmental systems in place, with the right policies and processes to meet our stakeholders’ environmental expectations.

Customers can be confident that we can help add value to their sustainability-led value chains today and in the future.

“Infineum’s overarching purpose is to ‘create a sustainable future through innovative chemistry’, so sustainability and our commitment to protect the environment sit at the core of our operations,” said Sustainability Manager Doug Hill.

“Despite the additional challenges of Covid-19, this important accreditation has now been implemented across all our manufacturing sites worldwide. It will further enhance our strong Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) systems as we continuously seek resource efficiencies and decarbonisation in our operations. It was only possible thanks to superb employee collaboration and sharing of best practice across sites.”

Further commitment to our sustainability responsibilities

Infineum has also signed the Responsible Care Global Charter, which is a global unifying chemical industry commitment to the safe management and handling of chemicals throughout their life cycle.

Responsible Care and strong chemical management have always been an integral part of the way we operate, embedded into our HSE management systems.

Becoming a signatory allows us to proactively support safe chemical management, influence our business partners, strengthen chemical management systems globally and safeguard our employees and the environment.

Start to create a sustainable future through innovative chemistry