Fuel Efficiency Decarbonisation Operability

Infineum has developed range of marine fuel additives, the Infineum B Series, designed to meet seafarers needs now and moving towards a decarbonised future.

Building on years of fuel additive expertise, Infineum’s B series of additives were developed for addressing the challenges in low sulphur fuels. Successfully enabling the transition to VLSFO, Infineum today have a range of products for conventional fuels and future fuels.

Our cost-effective, independently tested and verified solutions help vessel operators reduce maintenance costs and improve engine efficiency. Reducing fuel consumption and emissions of conventional fuels are just one part of what we do at Infineum. We are continuously innovating to enable the industry transition to methanol and ammonia, which we see as key for meeting the IMO objective of cutting greenhouse gas emissions of international shipping by 50% by 2050.

Infineum B111

Low temperature flow assurance

With differences between wax distributions for MGO and VLSFOs, it is important that the right additive solution is chosen. Infineum has a wide range of wax crystal modification additives, the Infineum B100 series, ensuring that whatever your requirements we have a solution for you.

Infineum B201

Sludge management

Infineum’s sludge stabiliser is a specification improving (TSP) technology, which improves onboard fuel handling and minimises fuel wastage. We recommend preventative treatment of fuels to our customers as post-2020 fuels are more prone to deterioration over time.

Additional benefits include:

Enhanced fuel handling operation

Flexibility in recovering severe fuels

Minimised engine damage and exhaust fouling caused by poor combustion

Reduced cost debit via sludge disposal/incineration

Infineum B300

Marine Engine Reliability

The move to lower sulphur fuels (MGO, LSFO, ULSFO and VLSFO) has resulted in lower fuel viscosities. Lower viscosity fuels lead to worse lubrication and higher wear in critical high pressure fuel injection components. Infineum lubricity additives have been tested under rigorous US Navy testing protocols and are designed to reduce wear in mixed lubrication systems keeping engines working for longer.

Infineum B402

Fleet decarbonisation

Infineum has developed cutting edge proprietary technology to maximise the combustibility of fuels in marine engines and reduce harmful emissions.

Infineum Marine Combustion Improver has demonstrated excellent
performance and hard benefits:

Average $100,000/year of fuel savings per vessel

1 Year extra CII vessel compliance

780 Tons/year of CO2 
emission reduction


The use of Bofuels and renewable fuels, such as biodiesel, hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO)/ renewable diesel is becoming popular in the 
marine market.

This fuels require fuel additives to ensure their compatibility, stability, and performance with conventional fuels and engines. Infineum can provide a full range of specific additives designed for Biofuels. Coming from 2 decades of research and development, our additives can act on cold flow proprieties, lubricity and combustion maximizing the performance and reliability of the Marine engines.

Future fuels

(Methanol & Ammonia)

Methanol and ammonia are two alternative fuels that are being widely considered for the shipping industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero targets by 2050. Both fuels have advantages and disadvantages in terms of production, distribution, storage, and use on ships, including lubricity and corrosion concerns. Infineum has developed a series of specific additives designed to increase the reliability of the marine engines retrofitted for alternative fuels, including specific solution for lubricity improvement and corrosion inhibition in methanol.

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Industry support

Infineum have closely collaborated with Alfa Laval in developing the Fuel Oil Spin Test to support the industry with stability problems experienced since the introduction of VLSFO.

The quick and easy test determines how a fuel will perform within a purifier. Remarkably simple, and based on fundamental scientific principles, it has been shown to correlate with real world fuel performance at the CIMAC Congress 2023. Achieving an 85% prediction accuracy, it is now considered a valid supporting of TSP.

Independent Product Verification

Class Endorsements

We collaborate with shipping companies, fuel producers, engine OEMs and class societies to ensure that the products we develop meet the needs of our customers.

All our commercial products are independently verified by class societies.

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World Fuel Services (a World Kinect company) is a trusted energy provider with a global footprint extending to over 1400 ports worldwide. A deep understanding of the challenges in the maritime industry means World Fuel provides tailored fuel and lubricant solutions, through an advanced distribution platform enabling fast, simple procurement. World Fuel can help to optimise your global operations by identifying ideal bunkering locations and negotiating best prices, helping you to reduce risk and stay within budget. World Fuel acts as global distributor for Infineum’s Marine Fuel Additives product line.

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