Lubricity Improvement

Advanced lubricity additives for diesel and biofuels are designed to improve handling, ensure trouble-free use and deliver exceptional hardware protection while also contributing to your decarbonisation and sustainability aspirations.

Producing fuels that keep vehicles running reliably is essential. And for decades we’ve been formulating advanced monoacid and ester lubricity additives that not only ensure vehicle hardware protection and performance but also deliver excellent low temperature handling, product quality and safety – including multi-product pipeline capabilities.

But now, in an industry working to decarbonise and to meet sustainability ambitions, the use of lower carbon biofuels, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), is growing and the fuels mix is becoming more complex. We understand the opportunities and challenges these changes present and have already extensively tested and commercialised lubricity additives for these cleaner fuels.

If you are looking for the best technical fit for your diesel and biofuels we are ready to help with reliable and cost effective lubricity additive solutions, global resources and a deep understanding of the performance of lubricity additives in the latest fuels.

Infineum specialty chemistries at the heart of cleaner mobility solutions – supporting you on your journey to a more sustainable future.

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