Viscosity Modifiers

Designed to give unrivalled hardware protection while also improving efficiency and cleanliness, lubricating oils formulated with advanced viscosity modifiers can also contribute to your decarbonisation and sustainability aspirations.

We recognise that across the mobility sector and beyond, there is a growing need for lubricants to be formulated to lower viscosity grades that can deliver energy savings without compromising wear protection and deposit control. As one of the key ingredients in engine oils, our advanced viscosity modifiers have been helping customers to deliver the demanding performance required of both today’s and tomorrow’s top-tier lubricants, including OEM factory fill and synthetic lubricants.

To support decarbonisation and sustainability ambitions, people working in the automotive industry are looking in detail at every component for efficiency contributions. We are seeing innovations in lower carbon materials, advanced coatings, new hardware designs and operating conditions, which all need protection.

And through strategic partnerships, our tribologists are optimising viscosity modifier chemistries to meet the challenges of these new and unconventional surface interactions.

If you are looking for viscosity modifiers that will help you on your sustainability journey, we are ready to help with trusted products, global resources and a deep understanding of surface to surface challenges.

Infineum specialty chemistries at the heart of the most optimum personal mobility solutions – supporting you on your journey to a more sustainable future

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