Optimised Motorcycle Additives

Formulated to deliver enhanced performance and unrivalled protection to engines and aftertreatment systems, motorcycle and small engine lubricant additives can also contribute to your decarbonisation and sustainability aspirations.

The need to cut emissions and meet decarbonisation and sustainability aspirations, means motorcycle engine and aftertreatment designs are evolving. Preventing catalytic convertor deterioration and improving fuel economy will be increasingly important to people in this market. We understand the careful balance that is required so that motorcycle oils can meet these novel requirements without compromising hardware protection or engine performance. Working closely with lubricants marketers and end users, we’ve led the market in the development and application of high-performance and optimised motorcycle engine oils, putting them through tough field trials to give prolonged lifetime and fuel economy improvements combined with outstanding cleanliness, wear durability and corrosion resistance.

We also have lubricant additives meeting the specific needs of other small engines present in applications such as leisure marine, snowmobile or garden equipment. Our products can deliver superior performance in a wide range of applications be they 2-stroke or 4-stroke, carburetted or with direct-injection, with or without catalyst.

To help you meet the needs of a global marketplace, our products meet the full range of engine performance requirements including the latest API, JASO, NMMA and OEM specifications across a wide base stock quality slate and viscosity grades, and at the most optimised treat rates.

If you are looking to create lubricants to meet the specific hardware protection and emissions reduction over extended periods that motorcycle and other small engines need, our wide range of products will help you get there.

Infineum specialty chemistries at the heart of the most optimum personal mobility solutions – supporting you on your journey to a more sustainable future.

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