Tailored Driveline Fluids

Vehicle transmissions fluids maintain outstanding performance, protection and cleanliness and deliver e-specific requirements, while also contributing to your decarbonisation and sustainability aspirations.

The transition to a more sustainable way of living is accelerating the pace of powertrain electrification. We understand the need for dedicated e-mobility products to be matched to the specific requirements of hybrid and full battery electric vehicle models.

After millions of kilometers of field testing you can have confidence that our e-driveline and e-motor cooling solutions will protect the latest vehicles.

If you are looking for proven solutions for your e-fluids that offer the conventional protection you would expect plus exceptional cooling, electrical properties and materials compatibility talk to our e-driveline specialists – we are ready to help.

Servicing conventional hardware
In the quest for fuel economy the automotive market is shifting from manual and automatic transmissions to more complex dual clutch, continuously variable and dedicated hybrid transmission systems. As the global vehicle fleet continues to grow and the technology in use diversifies, there is a real need for versatility, performance and convenience in the service fill market.

Multi-vehicle fluids not only deliver the required performance and protection but also give blenders the flexibility they need to meet the requirements of all their target markets.

If you are looking for a smart way to meet the service fill requirements of multiple manufacturers’ specifications we are ready to help with a broad portfolio of products, global resources and deep understanding of evolving industry challenges.

Infineum specialty chemistries at the heart of cleaner mobility solutions – supporting you on your journey to a more sustainable future.

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