Cold Flow Improvement

Cold flow improvers maximise diesel fuel yields, upgrade lower value streams and increase flexibility while also contributing to your decarbonisation and sustainability aspirations.

In the production of diesel fuels, the increase in crude oil variability combined with the use of different refinery blend streams are all impacting the cold flow properties of the final fuel. Fuel producers rely on our cold flow improver additives to help reduce wax deposits, control fuel quality, improve fuel handling and upgrade lower value streams.

Now, in an industry working to decarbonise and to meet sustainability ambitions, the use of lower carbon biofuels, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) as a fuel or blend component, is growing and the fuels mix is becoming even more complex. We understand the opportunities and challenges these changes present and have already commercialised specialty, non-conventional cold-flow additives that control the crystallisation of the wax to expand the treatability window and enable optimum blending for these cleaner fuels.

If you are looking for cold flow additives to increase flexibility and optimise profitability, we are ready to help with trusted products, global resources and a deep understanding of fuel stability, global specifications, storage and handling, as well as environmental compliance.

Infineum specialty chemistries at the heart of cleaner mobility solutions – supporting you on your journey to a more sustainable future.

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