Infineum M8220

Outstanding product designed for high BMEP engines

Energy demand is rising globally. Bridging the gap to low carbon future fuels, natural gas is seen as a greener source of energy, preferred over fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Infineum M8220 is the next generation additive lubricant formulated specifically to deliver outstanding protection and durability in high efficiency stationary gas engines that must deliver more power and lower emissions.

The advanced formulation is being assessed against future needs and evolution via field testing with alternative gas including hydrogen and ammonia.


Designed to meet the most severe natural gas engine requirements

High pressure

High temperature

High load/BMEP

Technology well-suited for aluminum and steel piston

Compatible with after-treatment devices, including catalyst systems


Formulated to outperform other technologies


  • Outstanding engine cleanliness and deposit control
  • Better TBN retention
  • Better engine wear control

Low Phosphorous 300 ppm, low sulphated ash 0.5% mass

  • Fully compatible with catalysts and operation with clean gas
  • Compatible with engines from all major OEMs

SAE 40

  • API group II basestocks

Favourable labelling

  • Tetra Propenyl Phenol (TPP) free

Single package, no booster

  • 12.5% mass treat rate

Gas engine design evolutions targeting power and efficiency place unprecedented demands on lubricants which conventional formulations have struggled to meet.


Proven field test results across major OEMs


  • Excellent TBN retention to avoid premature oil changes, reducing downtime and providing significant cost savings.


Major OEMs approvals

Innio Jenbacher

Jenbacher J624H


Innio Waukesha

Waukesha L7044
GSIseries 4
(includes series 5 approval)

Man Energy Solutions

MAN ES 12V 32/40 PGI



Caterpillar G3516H



7000 hours in Caterpillar G3516H

High BMEP engine ~ 21 bar Engine operating in CHP service Infineum M8220 compared to OEM approved oil

  • Strong performance in the Caterpillar G3516H
  • Engine in great condition at the end of the test
  • Low deposits and wear levels

Jenbacher 624H engine in Power Generation service

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