We exist to create a sustainable future through innovative chemistry

We are a Specialty Chemicals Company with powerful research and development capabilities around innovative chemistry which has a vital role to play in sustainability. We provide products needed on the journey towards the electrification of mobility, while helping to make the internal combustion engine as clean as it can be. As well as using our capabilities to generate sustainability advantages to countless new markets around the world.  

We are Infineum

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Infineum International Limited

We are a Specialty Chemicals Company with powerful research and development capabilities around innovative chemistry, enabled through worldwide production and research facilities. We exist to create a sustainable future through innovative chemistry. We are already one of the world leaders in the formulation, manufacturing and marketing of petroleum additives for fuels and lubricants. Additives that significantly extend the time between oil drains in petrol and diesel vehicles and are an important part of fuel economy improvements that are helping to conserve world resources and reduce pollution. Our technology supports other areas too; shear modification, cold flow and wax crystal modification, anti-wear, detergency and combining chemically incompatible materials effectively, to name just a few. Our experts create innovative solutions to solve the questions of tomorrow. Everything we do revolves around the reliable delivery of our products, which in turn provides superior performance to our customers. We believe collaboration is the key to solving real life challenges through science. Customers are at the core of everything we do. We share mutual expertise and knowledge to create a cleaner future. Our in-depth understanding of the chemical and the physical processes and listening carefully to our customers, enables us to bring the most appropriate solutions to them. We maintain relentless focus on technology excellence, reliability, operational excellence and collaboration to deliver customers performance they can rely on. We are Infineum. Our first-class technology and successful business results are built on an outstanding talent base. Worldwide we have just under 2,000 colleagues in multi-cultural and multi-functional teams. The safety of those who work for Infineum is and will always be our first priority. We believe all injuries are avoidable and we investigate all incidents regardless of whether they cause injury as we strive to achieve that goal. Infineum’s safety performance is in the top 10% of all chemical companies and up to five times better than the others in the oil additives industry. The acronym CARES forms our values capturing the essence of everything we do. It helps us to deliver our promises to our customers, our suppliers, our colleagues and our communities. We’re focused on delivering technology excellence through innovation, through investment in research and development to create best-in-class products delivering increased efficiency and performance you can rely on.

We draw on a rich heritage that is underpinned by leading edge research and development activities. For nearly 80 years, we have been innovators of additive products, including those used in:

  • Automotive, heavy-duty diesel and marine engine oils
  • Diesel fuels
  • Specialty applications such as transmission fluids and gas engine oils

Our smart solutions have become key components of today’s most demanding applications and advanced hardware systems.

Infineum is a truly world-class organisation. Our global operations encompass:

  • Worldwide production facilities
  • Sales representation in more than 70 countries
  • Business centres strategically located in the UK, USA, China and Singapore
  • Business conducted in over 20 languages
  • A global supply chain
  • Multicultural business teams
  • ~2,000 highly skilled and dedicated colleagues


Driving Forces

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Infineum International Ltd.

2020 was an unprecedented year of change and challenge. As a direct consequence of the global coronavirus pandemic, people adapted to new ways of living and working, while trying to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Businesses and industries experienced disruptions unlike anything before. In the energy sector, global demand dropped significantly, with oil, coal and natural gas usage declining - all in contrast to a rise in the contribution of renewable energy sources. In more positive news, CO2 levels returned to where they were a decade ago, with air quality visibly improving across the globe. Prior to Covid, CO2 levels had been rising steadily for years. Accounting for approximately 75% of all greenhouse gases, CO2 reduction is therefore understandably a core focus of sustainability goals and legislation. Today, the transportation industry contributes about a quarter of all CO2 emissions – the vast majority coming from on-road vehicles. Having already witnessed the dramatic consequences of our world getting warmer, legislators and companies are taking action to restore balance. If anything, the pandemic has accelerated the desire to achieve sustainability goals faster. Governments are moving forward with infrastructure programs to boost economies and create jobs, placing a large focus on renewable energy and efficiency. The race to reach net zero is well underway, with many of the key energy and transportation companies setting ambitious targets, which will shape their strategies and investment choices well into the future. All this change is dramatically influencing the direction of the fuels and lubricants industry. “The transition to a more sustainable way of living means huge changes ahead for the energy, transportation and associated industries. As the world works to decarbonise, we will play an important role in delivering new products that form the lifeblood of global trade, transportation and power generation. For Infineum, focus on Life Cycle Analysis has provided new insights into the impacts of our current products and how we can improve their performance in the future. The assessments show the majority of our products’ footprint comes from the production of raw materials. We are investigating these processes further to better understand their impacts and how they can be mitigated. We also plan to extend our analysis to include downstream activities and how lubricant additive performance can incrementally lower vehicle carbon footprint. This holistic approach will ensure that life cycle sustainability of new products can be designed in from the start.” In pursuit of sustainability targets, the future will be full of new vehicle technologies, new propulsion systems, new fuels and new materials. All of which will bring new challenges for lubricant, fuels and additive suppliers to overcome. Without a doubt, transportation electrification will be a key driver towards a net zero future. Despite this trend, the internal combustion engine looks set to be with us for several decades to come. While there is still a high degree of uncertainty about how this picture will change, estimates suggest that by 2040, at least 45% of new vehicles will still contain an internal combustion engine. Despite rapid growth, only 4% of the 80 million new car sales in 2020 were plug-in or full battery electric. That’s mainly due to the fact that OEMs have a wide array of available options, and electrification does not necessarily mean fully electric. While electrification is the long-term direction for transportation propulsion, technical and practical challenges mean that its rate of adoption will vary dramatically not only by region but also by application. “Infineum will continue working to make engines as clean as they can possibly be. We’ll produce market-leading products that keep engines in service for longer to extend component and vehicle life. We’ll use our considerable formulating knowledge and experience to help vehicle manufacturers reduce emissions and improve the fuel economy of their applications.” “At the same time, we’ll invest heavily in research and development to explore opportunities to apply our products and skills to new applications, such as hybrid vehicles, new transmission technologies or larger engines in the marine and power generation segments.” One thing is abundantly clear – whatever lies ahead, innovative chemistry will play a critical role in developing sustainable solutions for a sustainable future.


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