Infineum life saving rules

At Infineum, Health, Safety, Security and the Environment are our highest priorities. 

Infineum Safety film – Why we stay safe!

We believe people are more important than anything, and our number one priority is that Nobody gets Hurt, while working for Infineum. This film reminds us why we do this.


Operational Integrity Management System – How we stay safe!

At Infineum we use a robust system called OIMS to protect us and the world around us. This film reminds us how we do this.


It is essential that we conduct our business in a manner that protects the safety and health of our employees, those involved in our operations, our customers, visitors and our surrounding community and the environment.

All employees, contractors and site visitors are required to work safely and to adhere strictly to all Infineum rules and procedures. 

This includes our fundamental Life Saving Rules. 

This is a set of mandatory requirements aimed at preventing serious or fatal injuries.  It is essential that anyone visiting or working at an Infineum site understands what these rules are, and how to comply with them.

Please review and understand our Life Saving Rules prior to visiting or coming to work at an Infineum site. 

These are all listed below for your information – thank you in advance for helping to ensure that Nobody gets Hurt while visiting or working for Infineum.

Life Saving Rules Cropped

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