The sustainability drive across the mining industry requires manufacturers and users of emulsion explosives to select emulsifiers enabling ease of emulsion formation and high stability for bulk and packaged blasting agents.

Mining is a critical enabler to support societal megatrends aligned with sustainability such as decarbonisation and the energy transition, urbanisation and smart cities. Infineum is proud to be supporting this industry at a critical time in its history, and is developing emulsifier solutions aligned with our commitments in our Sustainability Report supported by our capabilities in Sustainability.

The emulsions your business needs require firm foundations. We have decades of experience in the design and manufacture of PIBSA-based additives, known as emulsifiers in mining, but often referred to as dispersants in lubricant additives. This has been augmented by our recent acquisition of ISCA’s mature, field-verified emulsifier technology, in use successfully at mining sites for over 10 years.

By working closely with our customers, Infineum has developed a portfolio of emulsifiers tailored to the unique challenges faced in the mining and construction industries. Infineum emuilsifiers enable stable emulsions with a wide range of raw materials across a wide range of temperatures, with no crystallization or phase separation, forming small droplets with narrow size distribution to give your explosive formulations a long lifetime even in high humidity or damp environments. Coupled with our industry-leading safety record, supply reliability, and multiple delivery options we enable treat cost-effective emulsions for blending on or off site.

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