As organisations work to decarbonise they still need to create innovative products that consumers want to buy. As a result, new performance requirements are arising. And this makes advanced formulation expertise an integral part of early-stage product design.

When you need to solve complex lubrication issues you need a partner with a robust component toolkit, engineering capabilities and deep formulation expertise.

Vehicle manufacturers already see the value of working with Infineum to design the lubricant and hardware side by side. For example in transmission systems, which have become increasingly complex, lubricants have evolved alongside the design to deliver advanced hardware protection. Now, with the introduction of hybrid and electric systems, we are charting new formulation spaces.

The same is true in motorcycles, where a deep understanding of the hardware is essential to ensure a single oil can deliver sufficient protection to all three critical areas – the engine, gears and clutch.

Our primary focus is on hardware protection. But, we look beyond that to ensure our additive solutions provide the power, fuel economy and durability end users want. Our formulation expertise is also being applied to other applications that need advanced fluid performance in areas including:

  • Materials compatibility
  • Heat transfer
  • Electrical properties
  • Surface interaction and protection

In our thorough development process we go beyond industry testing to validate our additive technologies. Their performance is demonstrated in real world conditions, via extensive field trials run under harsh conditions. This approach ensures the final product is one you and your customers can trust.

This understanding and knowledge can be applied to other challenges, let us know yours. Contact us here.

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