The need to do more work using less energy is driving change across a range of hardware systems. Friction modification, using advanced additive technology, is effective in reducing energy loss in surface-to-surface contacts.

When you need to minimise frictional losses within a system you need a partner who leads the way in surface friction modification.

Vehicle manufacturers already value our expertise in optimising lubricant fuel efficiency. Rapid improvements in fuel economy require advanced solutions to minimise the frictional losses of metal-on-metal contact. But, this must also be achieved without compromising wear protection and deposit control.

Clever chemistry means our lubricants maintain an optimum viscosity across a wide range of temperature and shear rates. We deliver this with market leading viscosity modifiers that provide tangible energy savings.

In the quest for efficiency, a growing number of advanced materials and coatings, offering better performance to weight or lower friction environments, are being used. For example, diamond like carbon (DLC) and ceramic coatings, as well as composite plastics. However, as the number of new materials increases we can expect to encounter unconventional surface interactions. By building strategic partnerships our tribologists can work to assess and optimise our chemistry to meet these new challenges.

Infineum is already working closely with external partners to develop a range of novel additives to deploy within lubricants optimised for reduced frictional losses and durability.

Internal engineering capabilities and technical partnerships allow us to quickly understand new target applications. This means we can establish testing approaches with greater speed and accuracy than is commonly available within the market. As a result, we can pinpoint the optimum solution for you quickly and with confidence.

This understanding and knowledge can be applied to other challenges, let us know yours. Contact us here.

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