The fuels mix is becoming more complex and, as demand patters shift, the global movement of fuels continues to change. Lubricity additive technology helps customers to make sure the products they supply are appropriate for all their markets.

When you need to feel confident that your diesel fuel is always on specification, you need a partner with proven lubricity additive expertise. Infineum not only holds global pipeline approvals but can also help you navigate the specification landscape.

Since the first introduction of low sulphur diesel fuels, Infineum lubricity additives have been used to protect the high pressure components of the diesel fuel system. Now, we are applying our knowledge to ensure vehicle hardware is protected as the range of options for final product blending increase.

Infineum lubricity technology is based on surface-active technology, designed to provide wear protection between metal-to-metal contacts. We have developed different technologies based on both ester and mono-acids, which are used around the world. Our latest ‘arctic-acid’ products deliver cost-effective, robust treatment of fuel in ambient temperatures down to minus 30°C.

Lubricity additives can be derived from natural sources such as rapeseed, soy and palm oils, which can suffer with seasonal variability. Here, Infineum has developed processes and expertise to work with suppliers to source and rapidly commercialise new technology. The resulting lubricity products provide customers with the product performance, handleability, product quality and safety they need.

This understanding and knowledge can be applied to other challenges, let us know yours. Contact us here.

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