Extending hardware life and reducing waste is all part of creating a more sustainable world. And protecting the surface of materials from corrosion, chemical attack and contaminants helps keep hardware reliably in service for longer.

When you need to control rust formation, neutralise strong acids and prevent deposits you need a partner with extensive surface protection know-how.

Infineum has a wide experience in dispersant, detergent, antioxidant, antirust, antiwear and corrosion inhibitor additive technologies.

Vehicle manufacturers are already seeing the value of these robust technologies. For instance, our additives help to prevent deposits, allowing engines to keep running reliably over longer oil drain intervals. As a result, less oil is used and fewer replacement parts are needed.

Fluids formulated with a careful balance of premium additives deliver superior surface protection, excellent cleanliness, and minimum deterioration or wear. Different combinations of our advanced technologies can be tailored to deliver benefits optimised for a wide variety of environments or applications.

By working closely with our customers, Infineum has been able to develop a number of innovative solutions. For example, we’ve developed next generation additives for ships burning cleaner low sulphur and LNG fuels. Formulated with a lower base number and using different surfactant types, our technology delivers outstanding acid neutralisation and cleanliness for the piston assembly. Something we've proven via testing in the field for over 1,000 hours

This is just one innovation supporting ship operators’ sustainability goals as they transition from high carbon-based fuels to more environmentally beneficial options.

This understanding and knowledge can be applied to other challenges, let us know yours. Contact us here.

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