We are all required to contribute to a more sustainable future. And, many organisations are accelerating their timelines to carbon neutrality. Helping customers to reach their goals, while reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions, is very important to us. Read our Sustainability report here.

When you are looking for sustainable solutions you need a partner who is already applying life cycle thinking to their products and developments. And we are already looking at different ways to deliver our purpose of a sustainable future through innovative chemistry.

Vehicle manufacturers value the protection and efficiency improvements delivered by our low viscosity formulation expertise. Now as the transportation sector electrifies we are applying that knowledge to our latest ultra low viscosity transmission oils designed for full battery electric vehicles. We’ve also made new fluids that go beyond the conventional hardware protection requirements to address complex materials compatibility, electrical properties and heat transfer issues.

In support of a more sustainable future we are continuing to develop solutions that can help to:

  • Reduce energy use
  • Make more efficient use of resources
  • Extend the life of components
  • Reduce waste
  • Support the use of sustainable base stocks
  • Enable the use of non-fossil fuels

By working closely with our customers, Infineum has been able to develop a number of bespoke solutions to address new and exciting sustainability challenges. For example, we are helping the shipping industry to achieve greater efficiency and performance in a low sulphur fuel environment. And, as they work to meet tough new International Maritime Organization greenhouse gas regulations, we’re developing new products and solutions that enable ships to use lower-carbon fuels.

Sustainability is a key strategic driver for us. We are applying our advanced formulation techniques and industry knowledge so that we can help deliver products that will help you on your journey to greater sustainability.

Contact us here to find out how we can add value.

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