Transferable skills have played a major role in Doug's career progression at Infineum because since joining, he's has had the opportunity to utilise his skill base and overcome challenges in three different functions: Supply, Sales, and Marketing Technology - undertaking nine different job roles! 

Tell us about your career journey at Infineum so far 

“It's safe to say I've had a varied set of roles since joining Infineum straight out of university. From starting out as a Chemical Engineer, to working in Supply, prioritising customer needs in Sales and supporting the formation of our Sustainability team - my career to date has been filled with learnings, challenges and opportunities.  

My transferable skills have ensured success in each of my strikingly different roles. I've used my skills gained in previous work scenarios and applied them to completely new or different work situations. 

Support from my leaders and mentors within Infineum has been vital in making a difference in my career and making it what it is today – one that I am proud of and I thoroughly enjoy.”

What do you like most about working at Infineum? 

“Firstly, the people at Infineum - we genuinely care about each other, and I enjoy working and collaborating with my colleagues to drive business performance, come up with new innovative ideas and serve our customers.  

Secondly, Infineum really supports you in shaping your career and helps you choose what to make of it. I've been given the opportunities to add skills to my toolkit along the way in so many different areas, I could end up working in even more different functions, Technology, Marketing, IT - you name it! Infineum will support you in making your ambitions a reality!” 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying for a role at Infineum? 

“Say 'yes' to opportunities that come your way, even if they appear to be challenging. I think some of the toughest challenges I have faced were the most rewarding. Learn how to reapply your skills in different areas to support this, it will help navigate and accelerate your career.” 


My career to date has been filled with learnings, challenges and opportunities.