Everything Adeline learnt at university was brought to life upon joining Infineum and since then, she's been able to build a fulfilling career as a result. 

Tell us about your career journey at Infineum so far 

“I joined Infineum as an intern around eight years ago, after hearing about the program through my university. As a placement student, I was given the right opportunities with the right level of support and ownership - I believe it really helped set the foundations of my career. It's where my studies and the textbook were brought to life in a real-world plant setting. Working closely with several different functions also helped me unpick what I wanted my future career to look like as I was exposed to so many different areas of the business. 

I'm so pleased I applied for the internship as it has paved the way for my career. I joined as a Process Engineer; then moved into a Manufacturing Planner role, working closely with Supply, Sales, Procurement and third parties; and I'm just about to embark on a new role as Supply Chain Advisor - which I'm excited to learn more about and be exposed to the commercial side of the business.

What do you like most about working at Infineum?

“Safety is definitely a number one priority at Infineum, it's truly engrained in all parts of the business. This makes me feel appreciated and valued. All our colleagues are considerate of keeping each individual person safe - helping ensure that nobody gets hurt working at Infineum.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying for a role at Infineum? 

“As I've grown throughout my career, I've gone from being worried about asking the wrong question, to genuinely believing no question is a silly question. That's the piece of advice I would give to students especially. Don't be afraid to ask questions, any questions at all, because diverse thinking and individual perspectives are encouraged here at Infineum. One 'silly' question could lead to a wonderful, transformative innovation!


Diverse thinking and individual perspectives are encouraged here at Infineum.