Lubricant formulators use a variety of individual additive components to create differentiated performance features in finished lubricants.

Additive Components



Oxidation of oil in the presence of heat and air causes it to become acidic and results in the formation of engine sludge and varnish. Antioxidants interfere with this chemical mechanism, vastly reducing the rate of oil deterioration and extending the life of the oil.

Antirust additives

Used to prevent the formation of rust by developing a surface film to protect metal surfaces.

Antiwear agents

Generate a protective film on contacting metal surfaces, reducing scuffing and wear, especially on engine valve gear, cams and followers.

Corrosion inhibitors

Used to protect metal surfaces from chemical attack by water or other contaminants.


Used to neutralise acidic blow-by gases, control rust, reduce lacquer and prevent deposits on engine components such as pistons. Infineum detergents are based on salicylate, sulphonate and phenate chemistries; each offers unique advantages in specific lubricant applications.


Used to suspend solid contaminants in oil; to inhibit and disperse sludge, soot and other insolubles; and to reduce the formation of engine varnish deposit.

Friction Modifiers

Used to reduce metal-to-metal friction between engine parts, increasing fuel economy and reducing energy consumption.

Pour Point depressants


Pour point depressants are designed to prevent wax crystals in lubricants from agglomerating or fusing together at reduced ambient temperatures. If lubricants are not adequately protected with pour point depressants, the flow characteristics can be adversely affected, which may have a negative impact on engine performance and protection.

The Infineum V300 series of pour point depressants offers a solution to cold engine performance over a wide range of applications and base stock selection. By interfering with wax crystal growth patterns, these products boost the operability range of engine oil so it remains fluid at much lower temperatures. The result is better capability for easier starting, less engine wear and longer engine life.

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