Fuel Borne Catalysts enable an effective Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration, to help meet tightening particulate matter emissions legislation in varying fuel quality and driving conditions.

Original Equipment Manufacturers in Asia are particularly challenged with lowering emissions, with tighter regulations such as China VI/Euro VI/Bharat VI in place or soon to be implemented. 


Catalysed DPF systems that are adopted by the majority of OEMs in Europe, may not be the most suitable option in Asia due to the variable fuel quality and typically more severe drive cycles as a result of traffic congestion. 

Infineum is proposing its fuel borne catalyst (FBC), in combination with DPF, as an alternative way for the OEMs to comply with the legislation, protect from potential diesel quality issue and remain cost competitive.

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Product features:

  • Improves vehicle Fuel Economy by lowering both regeneration frequency intervals and temperature, for fleet owners & customer fuel savings
  • Improves vehicle Performance and Robustness and improves city driving experience by preventing shortening of DPF regeneration intervals
  • Decreases production cost, further contributing to lower total cost of ownership
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