The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is bringing in increasingly stringent emissions regulations to ensure shipping meets its environmental obligations.

The next round of IMO sulphur cuts will take effect on January 1 2020, when the global sulphur cap will be lowered from 3.5 to 0.5%. The implications of this move will be felt far more widely.

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We believe the low sulphur fuel option has the highest impact on refiners. They will need to find cost effective ways to increase the production of low sulphur bunker fuels in time for the 2020 deadline. And, with global net marine fuel demand for the oceangoing fleet estimated to be 250-285 million mt., the effects on the refining industry will be significant.


The transition to low sulphur marine fuels will have far reaching implications – way beyond the refinery. Bunker traders and shipping operators have an invested interest in the quality of future bunker fuels and any issues that could arise from their use. Since they drive bunker demand, these stakeholders will be keen to understand how the supply side is gearing up for 2020.

Infineum has already experienced a similar transition to low sulphur fuels in the automotive world, which means we understand the issues associated with this complex journey.

The changes and the opportunities that the low sulphur challenge brings to the entire bunker fuel supply chain are continuing to emerge and Infineum is looking forward to supporting refiners as they work to make the new low sulphur fuels fit for purpose.

Infineum has a unique combination of advanced additive technologies and technical expertise that can help to overcome the challenges expected in this changing landscape.

The key areas are: 

  • Asphaltene Management
See our video below showing the potential for asphaltene deposition when blending 0.5% Sulphur marine fuels and the benefit of using Infineum’s unique asphaltene management additives to minimise the impact of sedimentation.
  • Wax Management
  • Lubricity Additives

Infineum continue to explore the new low sulphur marine fuels landscape and are now developing solutions to meet the challenges beyond IMO2020.

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