Gas engine oil additives protect and enhance the performance of gas engines in stationary and mobile applications.

Owners of commercial and industrial facilities are finding that clean burning, natural gas direct drive systems are a cost effective, environmentally sound alternative to electric motors and diesel engines. Gas engines have significantly lower operating costs than electric motors of the same output and are ideal for a wide variety of industrial, commercial applications.

Infineum M natural gas engine oil additives are formulated with industry-leading calcium salicylate detergent components, which deliver enhanced engine reliability and help to ensure trouble free operation.

The Infineum M series provides benefits such as reduced piston deposits, resistance to oxidation and nitration, and increased wear protection.

We are using all our experience to develop additives that not only deliver  engine reliability but also lower maintenance and pollution.

Technology excellence. It's a big ambition. But new ideas are the only way to meet the tough challenges you face.


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