Heavy-duty diesel engine oil additives are designed to protect and enhance the performance of engines operating over the road or in off-highway applications such as mining and construction.

The Infineum D series can be used to formulate lubricants across the full range of engine performance requirements, up to and including the latest API, ACEA, JAMA and OEM specifications. 

When combined with our pour point depressant, viscosity modifier and supplemental engine oil additives, formulations with the Infineum D series deliver unique performance attributes in a wide variety of base stocks.

Tightening emissions regulations and fuel economy mandates continue to drive changes in heavy-duty diesel engine hardware and vehicle operation. This ultimately increases the demands placed on the engine oils used in these applications. 

The latest American Petroleum Institute (API) heavy-duty engine oil categories are CK-4 and FA-4. API CK-4 is designed to preserve well-understood heavy-duty oil criteria and API FA-4 provides additional fuel efficiency benefits while maintaining durability. The Infineum D3500 series offers an excellent balance of engine durability and fuel economy, and is supported by over 100-million miles of field experience. The portfolio offers various TBN options and phosphorus options to address the specific needs of fleets and also the differentiation needs of our customers.

In Europe, the ACEA Oil Sequences were most recently updated in 2016. The two big themes for ACEA 2016 were the introduction of additional measures against the impact of biofuel and upgrading hardware and structure for the sequences to keep up with changes in engine technology and lubricant developments. We offer a range of products which cover the various ACEA classes and categories for heavy-duty. 

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