Power transmission fluids perform many functions: cooling transmission components, protecting bearings and gear teeth, preventing wear and maintaining frictional properties.

An integral design component of the transmission, PTFs must execute these functions over a range of temperatures and over time to ensure good shift quality and trouble-free transmission performance.

The Infineum T brand offers a wide range of products that are tailored to meet the exacting frictional characteristics of hardware designs specified by OEMs for their automatic transmissions (ATs), continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), and dual clutch transmissions (DCTs). Applications include passenger cars, heavy duty diesel vehicles and off-road equipment, as well as specialty applications such as power steering systems.

The capability to provide exacting frictional characteristics allows us to tune the transmission fluid to unique OEM hardware designs, including their proprietary friction material. It is this competence that makes Infineum PTF additives the most widely used in the latest automatic transmissions.

Our highly skilled formulators bring optimised, cost-effective solutions that enable unique OEM hardware systems to deliver the benefits of improved fuel economy, durability and “fill-for-life”.

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