Delivering through powerful research and development capabilities around innovative chemistry,  Infineum technology supports areas such as; shear modification, cold flow and wax crystal modification, optimising formulations, anti-wear and detergency, modification of flow properties, stabilising carbonaceous and metal particles (carbon black) and combining chemically incompatible materials effectively, to name just a few. 

Infineum maintains its relentless focus on technology excellence, reliability, operational excellence and collaboration to deliver customers performance they can rely on. We pride ourselves on our strong and collaborative customer relationships and continually work to develop the appropriate capabilities and resources to meet their unmet needs with a differentiated value proposition aimed at helping them grow.

We employ a highly skilled and engaged workforce of around 2000 people across multicultural teams and conduct business in over 20 languages. With headquarters in the UK, we host worldwide production facilities, have sales representation in more than 70 countries and have strategically located business and technology centres in China, Singapore, the UK, the USA and Japan. We operate six Manufacturing Plants in Bayway (USA), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Cologne (Germany), Vado Ligure (Italy), Singapore and Zhangjiagang (China) and have two further sites in France (Berre and Notre-Dame de Gravenchon) which are operated via our site partners ExxonMobil and LyondellBasell. We also work closely with more than twenty off-site processors and custom manufacturers who produce Infineum products.

With the next several years being critical for humanity – the transition to a more sustainable way of living means huge changes ahead. The way the world moves is changing, with new technology, new energy systems, pressure from the environment and changing economic patterns disrupting travel, logistics and behaviour. This rapidly changing world is creating many exciting opportunities for Infineum and is driving our sustainability strategy. We are committed to creating a sustainable future through innovative chemistry. As a leading transport additive company, our commitment means minimising our own impacts, leading in more sustainable mobility, and bringing our innovation capability to bear on the many challenges facing humanity.