Our goals and targets

Goal: Zero harm to our people and the environment

Target: Zero harm by 2025 (no personal, process or environmental incidents)




Goal: We integrate sustainable design solutions into our product development process.

Target: 100% of new product developments are evaluated with sustainability criteria by 2025


Goal: We collaborate with our suppliers and together we aim to speed up environmental and social improvements in the value chain.

Target: 80% of relevant spend to be covered by sustainability assessments by 2025



We strive to reduce our impact on the climate and resources used in our operations

Target: 20% reduction by 2025, in carbon emissions ( scope 1 and 2 ) per metric ton of product compared to 2018




Goal: We aim to be an excellent employer

Target: More than 75% colleague engagement score achieved by 2025




Goal: We aim to have a positive impact in communities where we operate

Target: More than 25% of employees volunteering via global STEM programme and local initiatives by 2025




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