In 2015, the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We contribute to all seventeen SDGs, collaborating with customers, suppliers, academia, industry bodies such as the Additive Technical Committee and the American Chemistry Council, and nonprofit business organisations such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

We have identified four SDGs where we believe we can make the greatest positive impact, and that link directly to our strategy:

Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

Responsible production and consumption is about doing more with less. In 2020 we achieved ISO14001 certification at all Manufacturing Plants, integrated sustainability into corporate capital and design processes and launched a new global resource efficiency programme.

Goal 13 - Climate Action

Our focus is on increasing energy efficiency, using renewable energy to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reducing our product environmental footprint. Alongside heat integration, unit and equipment upgrades, optimised maintenance and smarter operation of utilities at our Manufacturing Plants, we are improving our understanding of Scope 3 emissions and applying life cycle thinking to help reduce potential product carbon impacts from raw materials selection through to end of life.

Goal 3 - Good Health and Wellbeing

'Nobody gets hurt' is our top priority and we are proud that Infineum is leading on health, safety and environmental performance in the chemicals industry. We have established a global network of Wellbeing Champions to help support our colleagues and raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing at work. Our life cycle approach to product impact also comits us to minimise the health impacts of products in use.

Goal 17 – Partnerships for the Goals

Collaboration is a key part of the way we work. We collaborate with key partners in the value chain and in academia to lead our innovations. As we develop our sustainability strategy, we are increasing our collaboration with customers and suppliers on sustainability activities to achieve maximum impact of our priority focus SDGs and driving global and local level partnerships to support the progress on specific targets of the remaining SDGs.

The SDGs are all essential and inter-related. We ensure our sustainability strategy makes a positive contribution to the remaining 13 goals:

We are committed to delivering a positive impact in the communities where we operate. Our sites across the world have Individual programmes to enable Infineum colleagues to get involved in the local community and make valued contributions through support of local activities. Our colleagues already contribute many volunteering hours to their local communities by participating in a wide variety of initiatives.

Through our SMILE programme in the UK, we donated £35,000 to local charity, The Porch, who support and offer services to those who are experiencing or have experienced rough sleeping, supported housing, hostel accommodation or who are vulnerably housed. During December 2020, Infineum directly contributed to providing two meals daily to around 200 homeless and vulnerably housed people in Oxford, UK. As we look to diversify our business, we anticipate being able to have a greater impact on SDG2.

Infineum is committed to supporting all our colleagues to reach their fullest potential, and have a proven track record of developing talent internally. We believe in providing stretching roles and opportunities where colleagues can make a real impact on our business. Infineum is committed to delivering a positive impact in the communities where we operate and continue to support academia and have a compelling schools outreach programme.

We are an inclusive organisation that values diversity. Infineum has a global standard that sets out our approach to Inclusiveness and Diversity (I&D) and as a global business, our success depends upon our ability to collaborate with and engage a diverse set of stakeholders. We currently provide unconscious bias training to all Infineum colleagues and have an international group of executive sponsors and local champions leading on I&D and supporting relevant programmes.

We recognise our responsibility to act as stewards of water at all our plants. Each of our plants has delegates to oversee water management, monitor treatment processes, and ensure compliance. We are exploring ways to optimise our water use, by reducing fresh-water consumption, recycling condensate and continuing to adopt conservation practices.

Renewable energy and improvements in energy efficiency are needed to achieve long term climate goals. We have implemented a number of efficiency programmes to conserve energy use and are exploring opportunities to implement renewable energy opportunities including, in 2020, a newly installed solar field at our Linden site in the United States.

We help deliver economic growth in the communities where we operate, while operating in a responsible way. We continue to invest in new technologies and our new Global Centre of Innovation at our UK headquarters is a multi-million pound state-of-the-art investment which has created over 50 new jobs for chemists and engineers, to research better and deliver more sustainable solutions in the automotive, transmissions and fuels additives business.

Our corporate purpose is to create a sustainable future through innovative chemistry. We play an important role in the fuel and lubricant products that form the lifeblood of global trade, transportation and power generation. We have been at the forefront of driving innovations for these vital systems for many years and continue to do so as emissions legislation drives even more stringent requirements and public sentiment equally calls for improved environmental performance.

We uphold a supportive working environment, allowing our colleagues to feel confident and develop within their roles, whilst building an equal and inclusive culture. We deliberately place our emphasis on inclusion because we believe that a diverse environment alone will not enable our colleagues to give their best and truly feel as though they belong in our organisation; for that to happen we must act inclusively.

Delivering positive change for our colleagues and the communities where we operate has never been more important. Our corporate purpose is to provide a sustainable future through innovative chemistry and as we integrate sustainability criteria into 100% of our product development by 2025, our impact in this area grows significantly. At a local level we contribute to this goal through engaging communities around our facilities as part of our target to achieve more for 25% of all colleagues volunteering by 2025.

The ocean drives global systems that make the earth habitable for humankind and many of our plants are located within close proximity to the sea or to rivers. We have policies in place to manage the environmental impacts of our operations to achieve continuous improvement in environmental performance. Where we use seawater in our operations, we ensure it is returned at the same standard. Some of our community engagement activities are focussed on coastal and marine areas including regular beach clean ups organised by our Singapore Plant and Business Technology Centre.

We are proud of our performance on process safety, as all spills are contained and treated within site with no negative impact on the environment. We have policies in place to manage the environmental impacts of our operations to achieve continuous improvement in environmental performance. Significant environmental aspects are identified, assessed and managed and we proactively prevent systematic environmental incidents and releases that have the potential to cause harm to the environment.

As part of our core values, we are committed to operate to the highest ethical standards; in this regard, our reputation and success are dependent on us all complying with the Infineum Code of Conduct. This reflects who we strive to be as an organisation and reflects our values and commitments to all our stakeholders. We ensure that Infineum is and will remain a well-managed and profitable company by upholding good corporate governance.

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