Breaking the chain reaction to keep employees safe

Safety - 4 February 2022

A dramatic new video starring employees from our UK site, warns against a complacent approach to safety.

Infineum has leading safety performance in the chemicals industry and our number one priority is that Nobody Gets Hurt while working for Infineum.

Protecting the safety and health of employees and those involved in our operations, also helps us deliver on promises to our customers, surrounding communities and the environment.

However, we’re always looking to improve and keep safety in focus. While not a typical topic for film, Technologist Michele Thornhill felt lab housekeeping was an area worthy of attention.

Michele explains: “Comments from Lab Safety Coordinators and trends in safety observation reporting showed this was an area we could further improve.”

The video raises awareness by bringing housekeeping to life in an engaging and memorable way to illustrate the dangerous consequences of letting ‘small things’ slide.

The important actions highlighted in the video were inspired by real examples in our labs but were dramatised for effect.

Global Communication Officer Shannon Lewis concludes: “Although set in a lab, the video’s takeaway message has broader appeal, encouraging everyone to consider and maintain a safety conscious mindset.”

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