ChemEx 2023: Showcasing our career experience

STEM - 21 December 2023

As part of Infineum sustainability agenda, our team in Singapore has recently participated in the Chemical Industry Experience (ChemEx), a community engagement to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as well as sharing the importance of the chemical industry in driving a sustainable future.

ChemEx is an annual chemical industry profiling event organised by the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) to enhance the student’s level of awareness of various chemical companies in the industry.

Around 500 students attended, coming from various institutions including, Institutes of Technical Education (ITE), Polytechnics, and Universities with the discipline of Chemical Engineering.

To showcase Infineum’s career experience, colleagues set up a booth to interact with students, sharing information about our work culture and internship opportunities available at our company.

Videos were also played to students, introducing Infineum and explaining our role in the specialty chemical sector and our sustainability strategy to reach our net zero ambition. Reusable silicone collapsible cups were given to students to remind them to live sustainably.

Gary Tan, Plant Contact Engineer, who has volunteered for two years at the event, said, “It was an enjoyable experience engaging with juniors from polytechnics and universities to share my journey from a student to an engineer. I was in their position once, when I was unfamiliar with the scope of the job role and working environment of an engineer. It was a fulfilling experience to be there to guide them, and I hope to inspire them to join the chemical industry. ChemEx is not just a volunteer experience; it’s a gateway to a rewarding future in shaping manufacturing’s landscape.”

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