Great success for Infineum at the International Symposium on Fuels and Lubricants

Sustainability - 3 April 2023

Infineum led the discussion on innovation, customer centricity and sustainability at the latest International Symposium on Fuels and Lubricants (ISFL) 2023.

Now in its 13th edition, the conference, organised by the Indian Society for Fuels and Lubricants, took place in Delhi from 17 to 19 March and had nearly 400 attendees representing various sectors ranging from the energy industry, auto manufacturers, environmentalists, policy makers, government officials, academia, research institutions, and consultancies.

With emissions legislation being tightened in many regions of the world, sustainability was the main theme at the conference.

Infineum presented seven papers all consistent with this theme that attracted a lot of interest among the attendees. This resulted in a noticeable turnout at the presentations held by our delegates; Commercial Director Bruce Royan, Account Manager Jorge Manes, Operational Marketing Manager Mohnish Shukla, and Technologists Tom Featherstone, Udayashankar Bhat, Lalit Madan and Amol Nilpawar.

Infineum speakers explained how additives can help customers achieve their net zero targets, through creating formulations that improve fuel efficiency while reducing emissions. In addition, they described how lubricant reformulation can help to maintain these benefits and maximise performance when using alternative fuels like ethanol and hydrogen.

In his opening speech Bruce Royan (pictured on the left) presented Infineum’s Net Zero Ambition and suggested that a deeper collaboration with customers is required to progress on our journey towards decarbonisation and sustainability. He described how this will enable a broader ethical approach to business aimed at creating a circular economy for the value chain.

Bruce said: “We are keen to embrace these trends to meet the needs of the end user in a way which allows profitable growth for all in the value chain. This means moving from a product centric to a customer centric world, where we deliver against the societal expectations through industry models that are truly sustainable also in a business sense. 

I am incredibly pleased with the turn out for Infineum at the ISFL and with the positive feedback we received from attendees. We clearly demonstrated that we understand the challenges ahead for our customers and know how to solve them.”

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