Great success for the New Year's charity auction in China

Community Outreach - 25 February 2022

Our team in China donated interesting and creative prizes to their annual New Year Auction helping raise a record-breaking $6,000 for a local children’s charity.

 Pictured from left to right.  Peter Kusen, Change Leader; Markus Albertsen, Chemistry Teacher; Hassan Osseili, Technical Manager.

Over 60 ‘lots’ were gifted by the organisers of the popular event ranging from colleague paintings and homemade food to a one-to-one yoga session.

This year the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team was able to run the auction face-to-face after a long time due to COVID-19 along with colleagues being able to bid virtually.

“It’s a really exciting moment that we look forward to every year – it’s not only a charity event, but a New Year Party too. It generates lots of fun for all of us, at the same time as delivering warmness and brightness to kids who are in difficulties” said Senior HR Manager Irene Yan, leader of the local DEI team and event organiser for the past five years.

The money raised during the two-hour event will go to the Shanghai Jinqiao Biyun Charity Foundation, helping towards operation costs for babies born with physical disabilities.

This charity auction is in line with our sustainability approach, in particular part of our commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goal 3, improving the well-being of the communities where we operate.

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