Infineum celebrates 25 years of operation and restates their commitment to sustainable transportation

Sustainable Transportation - 7 February 2024

As colleagues around the world begin their 25th anniversary celebrations, CEO Aldo Govi reinforced their belief in and commitment to, sustainable transportation through his keynote presentation at ICIS London.

The specialty chemicals company, a joint venture formed in 1999 between Shell and Exxon Mobil, recently announced their restructure into two strategic business units, Sustainable Transportation and Energy Applications.  CEO Aldo Govi said,

“Our purpose is to create a sustainable future through innovative chemistry, so it makes sense for us to be focusing on enabling the energy transition by reducing the carbon impact of the internal combustion engine and through the development of alternative fuels.

We believe key segments in this industry will continue to develop, certain countries will continue to grow, and although some segments are declining due to electrification, others are resilient or even instrumental in enabling e-mobility.” 

We want to remain leaders in sustainable transportation additives.  We have a strong brand and deep understanding of this industry, as we’ve been an integral part of it for 25 years. We understand the challenges we are all facing, and we are committed to finding solutions together.”

In addition, Aldo shared more about how Infineum will remain a sustainable, world-class business in the long term, through a second SBU (Energy Applications) to deliver diversification.  This will focus on existing and new resilient sectors maximising the value of Infineum’s unique technology and technology applications.

“I’m pleased to have shared how we’ve structured our organisation to support our customers, the industry and our future at  ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in London, a prestigious event in the industry”

Start to create a sustainable future through innovative chemistry