Infineum commits to workplace health and safety at ChemPact 2024

Safety - 5 April 2024

Infineum has reaffirmed its commitment to workplace safety and health at the recent WSH Leadership Convention: ChemPact 2024. The event, organised by the WSH Council in Singapore, saw Infineum join 27 other organisations in pledging to uphold high WSH standards in their company policies and practices.

The convention focused on the importance of ownership, leadership, mentorship, and stewardship in achieving high workplace safety and health standards. This was highlighted by Mr. Lim Keng Yang, Chairman of the WSH Council (Chemical Industries) Committee, in his opening address.

Infineum’s Plant Manager, Wui Kar Soon, represented our organisation at the event. He delivered a presentation titled ‘People, the key enablers of Health, Safety, Security and Environment success’, where he emphasised Infineum’s commitment to the principle of Nobody Gets Hurt.

“Our approach centres around motivating and equipping our people to work safely,” said Kar Soon. “Our leaders set the tone by prioritising safety, leading by example, and actively engaging with safety initiatives. We encourage a culture where employees feel empowered to report safety concerns without fear of reprisal.”

Infineum’s commitment to safety was further demonstrated by its pledge to be a bizSAFE Partner, assign priority in tender evaluations to businesses with strong WSH records, disqualify unsafe contractors from contracts or support improvement initiatives by providing mentoring, and empowering workers to stop unsafe work.

The convention also facilitated cross-learning, with several companies sharing their proactive leadership in enhancing workplace safety and health.

Infineum was recognised for establishing a safety-oriented culture by implementing a range of best practice initiatives such as recognising workers for exceptional workplace safety and health performance.

Kar Soon concluded: “As the chemical industry continues to prioritise safety, Infineum are proud to remain at the forefront, championing a safer environment for all.”

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