Infineum India’s science lab upgrades bring hope to rural students

STEM - 8 July 2024

Infineum India’s recent investment in science laboratories at two government high schools is already making a big difference to students.

The initiative, which benefitted 1,000 children, aligns with Infineum’s sustainability agenda to deliver a positive impact in the communities that we operate. Led by Mohnish Shukla, Sales Account Manager at Infineum India and sponsored by S K Raghuram (Raghu), Country Head, they both visited the schools recently and were moved and inspired by the incredible response from the students.

“The schools are tucked away in a rural part of India — only 50 km from our Mumbai office, but still an unreal world for us urban dwellers. It’s hard to express how gratifying it was to see and feel the results of our small contribution. The benches, lab materials, safety goggles and regent racks might seem modest to us, but they’ve opened the door to new ways of learning. The energy from these youngsters was amazing!” says Raghu.

Mohnish adds, “On the day of our visit, the students held a science exhibition. They had clearly taken a lot of care and we spent time listening to each one explaining their work. They were very excited, and I really enjoyed seeing their smiles! Best of all, the children can now perform their own experiments, rather than rely on their teacher showing the class. They’re much more connected to the science now.”


Boon Ping Chia, Strategic Business Director, reflects on the project’s impact, “The outcome we have seen through this project is extremely inspirational and humbling. While this initiative began as a legal requirement for corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts in India, at Infineum, we strongly believe it is our duty to make a difference to communities, especially those in need.”

Mohnish is already looking to the future. “It felt good to see the ray of hope in the children and to know we can — and will — help further.”

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