Infineum launches single oil solution for MAN B&W two-stroke engines

Sustainable Transportation - 18 May 2022

Newly formulated additive package is a single oil solution for the MAN Energy Solutions two-stroke engines running on low sulphur fuels (<0.5% S) that delivers superior piston cleanliness.

Infineum has received a Main No-objection Letter (NOL) from MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) for its newly formulated Infineum M8040 additive package that delivers outstanding performance in engine cleanliness.

This followed a successful field test of 2,500 running hours on Very-Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) operations, which was conducted in collaboration with MAN ES. As part of performance validation tests, Infineum has also completed a field test of 1,500 running hours on distillate fuel (DMA).

The field test demonstrated that the newly formulated Infineum M8040 additive package provides excellent piston cleanliness that meets the new category II lubricant standards set by MAN ES for B&W two-stroke Mark 9 engines and subsequent generations. Its detergent and dispersant capabilities control deposit build-up, which helps reduce wear rate on pistons and liners. This translates to higher engine efficiency with reduced maintenance costs and extended time between overhauls.

We are delighted to receive the Main NOL from MAN ES. We collaborated with MAN ES to conduct rigorous tests on the performance of our Infineum M8040 additive package, which proved to have superior protection, excellent cleanliness and minimum wear rate. Our technology solution will offer our lubricant partners and vessel operators greater operational efficiency and supply chain simplicity.
Andrea Ghionzoli, Marine Lubricants Strategic Marketing Manager


Infineum M8040 additive package is specifically designed to enhance operational efficiency as a single oil solution for two-stroke engines running on VLSFO and lower sulphur fuels. With the new additive, ship operators need not have to switch between 40 and 100 BN lubricants to maintain the high standard of cleanliness in MAN ES two-stroke marine engines.

Apart from better operational performance, Infineum M8040 additive package also simplifies the supply chain. It offers a single additive package for 40BN marine diesel cylinder lubricants.

The new additive also offers optimised feed rate, achieving the same level of detergency and cleanliness performance of a 100BN cylinder oil at the same feed rate. This helps lower oil consumption and carbon emissions, enabling vessel owners to embark on their sustainability journey.

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