Infineum set to lead the sustainability transformation in the chemical additives industry

Sustainability - 8 November 2022

“The time for talking is behind us. We have to move into action now. We have a key role to play to support the transition for the transportation industry towards a lower carbon future. This includes lower carbon lubricants, e-mobility and alternative fuels, while making the ICE better and cleaner in the short term to enable accessible and sustainable mobility for everyone”

Speaking at the at Lube Sustainability Conference Sustainability Director, Maurizio Abbondanza launched Infineum’s sustainability campaign aimed at influencing the chemical additives industry to become more sustainable. In addition to the Lube Sustainability Conference, Mr Abbondanza delivered presentations about Infineum’s sustainability approach at other relevant industry events such as the UKLA Sustainability event in May and more recently at Lube Expo in Germany.

He reinforced the message that our industry must manage the long-term transition to electric vehicles by acting now, making a commitment to incorporating social, environmental, economic and ethical factors into companies’ strategic decision-making. He said:

“To make sure we make the industry as sustainable as possible we must identify, design, and deliver affordable sustainable solutions.  This means understanding the needs of the market, and sometimes helping the market to understand what it wants and then working to find what is feasible and where to start.”

“We must find ways to reduce our carbon footprint without compromising the benefit that our products bring to the end users and collaborate across our supply chains to move to circular economy models.”

The campaign called ‘Seeds of change’ feeds into Infineum’s sustainability approach and contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 13 “Protecting the environment” as we look at our decarbonisation efforts, as well as those of our customers and suppliers.

Infineum also selected UNSDG 17 “Partnership for the goals” as one of its key focus areas: this is a challenge that must be tackled from the whole industry with a joint effort; Infineum wants to work together with everyone in our industry, to become more sustainable.

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