Infineum Singapore launched a new way of working in a newly renovated office

Business - 7 March 2023

Our Singapore team celebrated the opening of their newly re-designed office space meant to facilitate hybrid working.

After two months of refurbishment works, three additional meeting rooms, two mobile office pods (for virtual calls), and two new phone booths, with one doubling up as a prayer room have been built. New LED lights (with timers) will automatically reduce lighting levels during non-core hours.  This will save energy and help our Singapore office meet its sustainability objectives. The project was executed following the highest standard of safety from start to finish.

Our Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology Rebecca Oldfield visited the newly renovated office to cut the ribbon at the official opening celebration of the Singapore Business & Technology Centre and Headquarters for the Asia Pacific region.

Rebecca said: “I am very impressed with the innovative design which reflects our forward-looking mindset as well as our commitment to sustainability and colleague well-being. I am glad that our colleagues in Singapore will be able to benefit from more collaborative spaces and a high-standard hybrid working environment, comprising Mobile Teams Room (MTR) solutions and mobile screen cart. It will help enable our customer centric spirit while providing staff with the flexibility they need.”

John Hong, Infineum Singapore Country Head and Asia Pacific Sales Director said: “It is with great pleasure and pride that we are reopening our office.

“We have listened to our stakeholders and incorporated into the ‘office refresh’ design key factors like additional workspace to support growth in the Asia Pacific region, the ability to seamlessly conduct hybrid working and enhance collaborative efforts amongst colleagues, customers, and external network partners; it will also serve as a good ‘test case’ for the refresh of Infineum’s ‘office of the future’ design principles.

“I am fully confident that colleagues, customers, and external network partners alike will enjoy the many thoughtful and innovative digital and hardware solutions that have been introduced as part of this renovation; and will make the best use of this refreshed office to work collaboratively and win in the critical Asia Pacific region”.

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