Infineum UK I&D Champions Celebrate 50 Years of PRIDE with pride

DEI - 11 July 2022

Inclusion and Diversity champions at our Milton Hill site in UK recently hosted an event on July 5th to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first PRIDE march in London. As well as fostering a sense of unity and support for the LGBTQ+ movement, the event aimed to deepen understanding of key milestones in UK history for the LGBTQ+ community while reinforcing the importance of inclusivity within Infineum.

Participants had a chance to learn more about the significant strides made by the LGBTQ+ community over the past half-century. As a visible display of support, rainbow lanyards were distributed to participants.

Rebecca Oldfield, EVP of Innovation and Technology and I&D champion, wearing a bright rainbow jumper, emphasized the significance of bringing one’s authentic self to work and the value of creating an environment where everyone feels accepted.

The event also provided an opportunity for colleagues to indulge in cakes and coffee while participating in a digital quiz. Mario Longhi, a Milton Hill I&D champion and the primary organizer of the event said: “Visible and authentic support is an essential element of inclusiveness. It was a joy to see colleagues take time out of their busy day to show support for this community.”

Alison Adnams, DCOE Team Leader, commented: “Thanks to the I&D team for putting together this session. It is a real comfort to know that the world I am sending my children into has companies like Infineum. The next generation speak openly in school with very little prejudice and will expect and hope for the same from their workplaces.”

Bruce Royan, an I&D sponsor, lauded the I&D champions for their exceptional efforts in planning and executing the LGBTQ+ event. He said: “Since the general return to the Milton Hill office, I don’t think I’ve heard a buzz quite like the one I heard walking towards the meeting room for this event. Also, I thought that the use of the digital screens and the different subjects covered, especially the nomenclature slide were spot on.”

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